Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wow ! That WOW was wow!

Well the production is done at last and it was certainly worth the wait. The children in Ci7cus were amazing. I know all teachers say that about their class but my guys really were. They were well behaved all day during rehearsal, went where they were supposed to, did what they were asked and showed leadership and care for their little buddies. The dance went off without a hitch...everyone really rocked it put. They were also all jiving away to the band as we were actually wait ing on stage behind the curtain!
The costumes. How amazing were they? I hope the programme insert we did gave the audience some insight into the design of the cotumes. The thought behind the wearable art..the children really had little help in the design of their constumes - their ideas were their own. They did get help with construction at times and last week was a whirlwind of glue gunning, painting, sewing and finishing. I think it was all worth it. 
Congratulations to the whole class for their creativity and enthusiasm. Super job team.

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