Sunday, 14 June 2015

maths problems blog post

Maths slideshow

1. Find your own slide.

2. Take a screen shot of it

3. Go to 'show me' and put the screen shot in

4. Write and speak to show how you would show someon
e else how to solve the problem. Remember that the way you solve it is as important as the 'right' answer.

5. Save

6. Link to your blog:
  •  Go to Show me site online. Sign up with email and a password (make up a simple one).  Click on your show me. Click on the embed box - the code comes up in a pop-up and copy the embed code which is at the bottom.                                                         Go to your blog. Click on HTML button. Paste in code. Click on Compose button.

 7. Reflect on what maths knowledge you needed to solve the problem.
8. Reflect on what you feel unsure of and want to work on next.

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