Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Using reading to have fun

This week we have been reading articles that taught us how to do new things. 
The awesomes made a potato and pea curry...looks yummy!!
The supers learned how to sew so they could make elastic button bracelets.
Zyd and the Excellents learned about paper folding.
The fabs made bird seed balls to feed the birds.

So much fun.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

maths problems blog post

Maths slideshow

1. Find your own slide.

2. Take a screen shot of it

3. Go to 'show me' and put the screen shot in

4. Write and speak to show how you would show someon
e else how to solve the problem. Remember that the way you solve it is as important as the 'right' answer.

5. Save

6. Link to your blog:
  •  Go to Show me site online. Sign up with email and a password (make up a simple one).  Click on your show me. Click on the embed box - the code comes up in a pop-up and copy the embed code which is at the bottom.                                                         Go to your blog. Click on HTML button. Paste in code. Click on Compose button.

 7. Reflect on what maths knowledge you needed to solve the problem.
8. Reflect on what you feel unsure of and want to work on next.

Culture survey

Please take some time to do this survey. Be honest.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Wet pets science trip

Today we visited Wet Pets so we could make some observations of live birds. It was very different trying to watch a live bird running or fluttering around and take notes at the same time. We focused on the way the bird looked and the way it moved. When we were there we also discovered the birds all made different sounds.
Pigeons mating
Quail - he ran around very quickly!
Zebra finches - very small and they didn't sit still for long either.
Yellow cockateils

We also got to have a close look at a hen. Joy showed us the different feathers on its body - long, straight and stifff on the wings, small and close on its head, fluffy and soft on its tummy. She even had a sort of fan shapped tail. Her feet looked like reptile legs with claws and scales. She had a liitle feathers on her cheeks and a red comb and wattle.
Tail and bottom
Dinosaur feet!
We evn got to see a chick and how fluffy it was. It had proper feathers on its wings and a tiny comb beginning to grow on its head.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Writing a description

We are practising our science observation skills. Last week we wrote notes about the physical characteristics of the stuffed birds we had in the classroom. This week we used the notes about one bird to write a brief but clear description of that bird. We then had to read that description to someone eslse to see if they could guess which bird we were writing about. 

We learned that we need to write as much about the bird in front of us as we can, 
Writing notes rather than sentences is faster so you can write more
Make the notes more descriptive - eg where the colours on exactly 
Take notes about the patterns on the bird and where they eg. Spots, stripes

Supers - Chicken research

Try these sites for more detailed info for your chicken project plans.




Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Week 7

Joy is back. She got some stuffed birds and other bird materials like eggs and feet for us to use for comparing. We have been trying touse our observational skills to describe their bodies in very close detail...as well as learning to take field notes. 
Today we began a project with our little buddies to help us learn the names of the colours (nga tae) in maori. It is going to take a bit of time to collage these big pictures of tee shirts...and lots of sharing, patience and excellence.