Saturday, 31 January 2015

Roll up, Roll up - welcome one, welcome all.

Welcome to CI7CUS!!  Having the circus theme does not mean we are going to be clowns (no clowns allowed - they're weird!!) It means we are going to take inspiration from the courage and creativity that dazzle us when we see the circus perform, so that we can be better learners.

Wednesday this week (Feb 4) is Global School Play Day.  It is a worldwide day aimed at giving our modern children the chance to PLAY. No batteries or electronics allowed. I would love it if every child could bring a toy to school that day

This is just a kick off to share some information to help you all get organised. It is an exciting year for your children as Year 4's and I am really looking forward to having big kids again!


  •  Monday 9.35, Tuesday 9.35, and Wednesday, 11.30. All children are expected to swim.          
  • They will need dry togs and a towel on each of these days.


  • we will be visiting the library to borrow books on Monday afternoons beginning in week 2.      
  • As seniors your children will be able to borrow up to 4 books at a time. They will be issued       for two weeks.  They are expected to return all books on time or they will not be able to             borrow anymore until late books are returned.

As seniors your children will be able to join Kapahaka and the various music groups if there are places available.

Your child will have a hardback exercise book as a homework book. Use of this will develop over the next few weeks as we begin the various systems. Please check the book regularly and make sure it is in your child's bag. Spelling, reading, maths and homework activities will be written in as required. There may also be activities on this blog at times as well.

Finally I am planning on having each child teach us all something they are good at.  Details of how this will work will be made available later in the term. However the idea is that each child will choose a craft, skill, sport, song......????....that they want to teach us. They will have a week's notice of the week they are 'on duty' so they can practise delivering their 'lesson' at home. The following week they will introduce their lesson to the whole class then each day teach a different, small group of classmates until we all know how to do what they can do.  This is a chance to get to know each other better, share our passions, and learn new things.  I am not the only teacher!! So, get thinking.

Can't wait to get to know you all over the next few weeks and months. Monday afternoon is a good time for me to meet with you if there is anything special to talk about. Email me anytime.

Let the fun begin.